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Clementina was an extraordinary woman. Strong and decisive.


Born in 1890 into an aristocrat Neapolitan family, she was soon educated with elegance and refinement. At the end of 1930s, fascism and the foreboding of a cruel war knocked on Clementina's door. She wasn't at all convinced by the fascist propaganda: the Duce and his followers were people to be kept well away. All she thought about was being prepared for the worst: she therefore started stocking as many commodities as she could. All that comes after is history—bombing, war and destruction—but Clementina was able to keep her house alive: every effort was going to be essential for the survival of her family.


Post-war, she found herself living in a city on its last legs, but with intelligence and stubbornness, Clementina combined the ability to cope and make a virtue out of necessity: she decided to open a small tailor’s shop, hiring and training all the women in the neighbourhood to help them bounce back. In her small shop, she taught them how to embroider light and soft fabrics by hand and how to tailor precious clothes: elegant but for everyday use. Over time, Clementina slowly managed to create one of the city’s most important tailor’s shop in Via Toledo.


“Elegance is often confused with ostentation and magnificence, but no. Elegance is found in simplicity, combined with fine materials. Elegance is not appearance, it is substance” she always repeated to her daughter Lucia and to her nieces Daniela, Debora and Miriam.


Now, many years have gone by, history has changed our country, but Daniela and Debora decided to resume their grandmother’s heritage: they wanted to continue Clementina’s tradition of an ancient tailoring school made of elegance, research, exclusivity, grace and luxury.


Therefore, in 1991 Clementina Baby was born, a brand that produces elegant and simple clothes for children, entirely hand-embroidered, with fine fabrics. Today Clementina Baby sells to shops all over the world, but every single dress still contains Clementina's history.


Grandma, we spread your words all over the world.

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