The brand "Clementina" was created in 1994 by me and my sisters, and decided not to disperse the tradition of embroidery by hand, handed down by our grandmother, Grandma Clementina.

The idea was to revise an ancient technique, making it contemporary and combining the elegance of design and careful attention to every detail. Make our present, today, our past. Clean it without blurring its value, with a job done without worrying about hastening to save time.

Time, together with craftsmanship. The most important ingredient needed for a job that can never be made automatic. Small clothes that need to be washed carefully and carefully streaked. You can not wash them by car.

But they are the only ones that will never leave and that will be preserved over the years. Always with their value intact. The immense and profound value of the "remember" of those who gave it to us when we were little girls.


                                                                                                                                                  Daniela Iachetti